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We are inviting you to join others in supporting The Towing Information Network by becoming a sponsor. Our web site, The Towing Information Network known as, is a central towing message board run by towers for towers. We are a community of business owners, operators and suppliers who are actively involved in the towing industry. We are available worldwide with an easy to navigate and professional site. The Towing Information Network is an information link for those involved in the towing industry. We provide the technical, product and business information necessary to help our members make informed decisions. We also provide an atmosphere in which fellow towers can network, help and learn from each other.

As a sponsor you will reap the benefits of being listed in the most active message board in the industry. With over a half million visits in the last year, is the towers choice for industry information. As a sponsor, your name will be listed in our Sponsors Directory. It will include an active web and email link as well as company contact information. In recognition of your support we will actively promote and recommend your company to members and visitors who might be interested in your products or services. To top it all of, you will also receive a Sponsor Bar that will be displayed with your name every time you post. This bar will be a visible reminder to all visitors that you play an active role in supporting the community.

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